Provide real-time support for your team with these training tools!

TeleGo is excited to offer your business the communication tools it needs to help strengthen and train your customer service or sales team. With these features, managers can jump in on real time calls to monitor their agents’ performance and provide help in real time.

Call Barge-In:
Call Barge-In allows a third party to barge into an active call. Typically, this third person is either a secretary contacting the boss, or possibly a co-worker in the next cube who needs help on a call.

Teach Mode:
Teach Mode allows the agent to hear what the initiator of the Teach Mode is saying, but not the other party of the call.

Listen-In Mode: In Listen-In mode, a third party can listen in without being detected. The two parties speaking to each other are not aware of the listen-in.

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