TeleGo at the ITEXPOaddremove

The TeleGo team had a great time at the ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale last week!

It was a fun 2 days in which we met with both old and new friends and got to discuss industry trends and ideas with other experts in the field. We’re always grateful for the opportunity to share our excitement of this rapidly evolving industry with like-minded companies.

It was a very successful trip, and we can’t wait for the next one!

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Good news for TeleGo customers with Zoho CRM!addremove

TeleGo’s phone system now seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, adding new features and functionality to the platform.

TeleGo users with Zoho CRM can now:

Click to call from Zoho CRM contacts
Receive pop-up notifications for incoming calls, so that agents can see details about the contact before answering the call. Details such as name and account will be pulled from existing Zoho CRM contacts.
Pick up the call, hold/resume, or end the call from the call pop-up.

All call details are logged automatically into Zoho CRM, including information like start time and call duration. Each agent can add notes and details to their conversation history in the call activity.

Contact us for more information about Zoho CRM integration!

Do You Know About Hot Desking?addremove

Hot desking allows multiple users to use the same phone, at different times. Once the user activates the hot desking feature, all calls made to the user’s extension (or as part of a hunt group or agent group) will be routed to the new extension or destination.

It’s the perfect temporary solution for remote employees who occasionally work from the office!


On the phone that you will be hot desking:
Dial *70 and press the confirm button on the telephone keypad
Enter your extension number when prompted.
Enter your voicemail PIN code for the extension number when prompted.

* Users must set their voicemail PIN before using this feature.


Dial *70 and your extension number from either the location that is currently registered as a hot desk, or from a phone that has been configured to their extension
The system will acknowledge that hot desking is no longer in service.

To learn more about this feature, please contact us!

Have You Tried Our Beta Reporting?addremove

If you’re a TeleGo Customer Portal admin, you’ve probably noticed an orange ENABLE BETA button sitting at the top of your portal page.

By clicking on this button, you enable our current beta features, and your company will be among the first to test our new improvements and features.

Current Beta Access: New and improved Analytics and Custom Reports!
New features in this beta release include:
• A brand new, simplified interface and design

• Greater detail regarding call results in User Summary and Group Summary

• The ability to drill down into Call Logs or Agent Summary within Group Reporting
• The option to include beta versions in Custom Reports
Please note that the beta version of the TeleGo Customer Portal will be made available to all users on your account. Features and functionality may vary from those of the current production Customer Portal. You can switch back to the production version of the TeleGo Customer Portal at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Did you know…addremove

Most TeleGo customers can set up call forwarding on directly from their desk phone! 

To Activate Call Forward All:
1. Dial *71
2. Enter the number you’d like to forward all calls to
3. Press #

To Deactivate Call Forward All:
1. Dial *72
2. Enter the number you’d like to forward all calls to
3. Press #

To set up call forwarding on no answer, follow the same steps, but dial *75 to activate and *76 to activate.

If you require any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Send SMS directly from your TeleGo number!addremove

TeleGo SMS is a great way to maintain ongoing relationships with existing customers, set up internal group messaging with employees, and provide an additional outlet for new customers to easily get in contact with your company. 

TeleGo’s primary SMS package offers:
  • Messaging from any of your TeleGo numbers, directly to your customers or employees
  • Unlimited users (permissions per user can be customized)
  • Automated custom replies for incoming messages
  • Quick access to custom templates
  • Email notifications for unread messages
  • Reporting based on message activity
  • $47 per month for 1000 messages

Need more messages per month? Contact us to learn more about our other packages.

For customers looking to try out TeleGo SMS, our Basic SMS package is available to all customers for free, and includes 500 messages per month for standard messaging.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Contactsaddremove

In an effort to make it simple for users to import their contact information within their customer portal account, we’ve added the ability to sync Microsoft Office 365 contacts.

This platform will join Google Contacts in making it manageable for users to view and organize their contacts across multiple different platforms all in one place. 

Contact us to learn more about Contacts integration! 

Customer Portal Feature: New Custom View Optionsaddremove

Organize your phone number list with more customization options in the TeleGo customer portal!
With our newly implemented sorting views, it’s simple to organize your phone number list within the TeleGo customer portal. Users can now customize their phone number organization view by sorting by:

    • Status
    • Caller ID 
    • Alias
    • Assigned Status 
    • Feature Status

There is also the new option for users to label their phone numbers with alias names. This addition should make it quick and easy to identify a specific phone number in your list, especially for companies with many phone numbers. This Alias name will not be seen by your customers and is only visible internally. 

Phone Number Alias

Contact us to learn more about custom phone number views and organization options. 

Access your TeleGo Softphone App at Anytime!addremove

TeleGo cell phone app customers now can view their login credentials and QR code at any time through their TeleGo customer portal account. This update gives greater control for the user to access their free softphone app at their convenience, without having to contact TeleGo customer support.

Please have your account administrator contact us if you’d like access to this feature!

A New Way For Businesses To Request Holiday Greetingsaddremove

This holiday season, TeleGo has made it easy for customers to preview, request, and set up their recorded holiday greeting for the upcoming Jewish and Labor Day holidays. Now on the new, customers are able to preview all available pre-recorded greetings, select the ones that they’d like to use, and submit their requests through an easy to use form, all from one page:

The option to create a custom greeting is also available at an additional cost. This resource is a quick and simple solution for businesses preparing for upcoming holiday closures. 

There’s still time to set up a holiday greeting! Kindly submit your request to TeleGo before August 28th. 

Request A Greeting Formaddremove

Please Scroll Down to Listen to Our Holiday Greeting Options

Request A Holiday Greeting